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The Housing Finance Company Limited was set up in 21st May 2003 as a company fully owner by the government of Seychelles. It was formed to provide housing finance, social and luxury accommodation within the Republic of Seychelles. The business is officially incorporated as a Limited Company under the company act.
HFC is mainly a company with lots of social responsibility and is not intended to have large profits; however it should be able to sustain its operational costs. Its major role involved customers with low to middle income, giving our people the finance needed to build their home or extended their house flourishing our people dream 

Mr Ronny Palmyre
CEO of
Housing Finance Company

HFC Overview

After the demise of Seychelles Housing Development Company (SHDC) one company and one corporation were established, i.e. the Housing Finance Company Limited (HFC) and the Property Management Corporation (PMC).

HFC was incorporated on 21 May 2003 under the Companies Act, 1972 and it is wholly owned by the Government of Seychelles. It was mandated to take over activities of the Seychelles Housing Development Company (SHDC) in addition to its loan portfolio.

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