Allocation of Government Houses
The construction of Government houses are undertaken by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) at MLUH.  After completion those houses are transferred to HFC to be allocated to eligible applicants.  Applicants sign their agreement and obtain their house keys after having been explained thoroughly about the HF's estate rules and regulations.
There are two types of agreements that clients can sign with HFC i.e. House Purchase agreement & Tenancy agreement.
All clients are encouraged to opt for house purchase agreement. i.e. if they are financially capable.

since 2011 HFC

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Estates Management
One of the roles of the department is to manage and maintain all the Government social housing stocks.   HFC manages a total of 136 housing estates on Mahe, Praslin & La Digue altogether.  Maintenance and renovation of houses is carried through private contractors.  Most complaints are dealt with within 24/48 hours depending on the nature of the problems.
They also allocate contract to cleaning contractors to clean the housing estates.
With the surge of break-in and vandalism around the islands, HFC has found it necessary to provide more security for the residents of its housing estates.   In July 2011 the company introduced an apartment intercom at Harisson flats following reports of vandalism and lack of security there.  The same system is being piloted at Baba, Plaisance.


Our land survey technician carries out all technical works to ensure that the survey is order before HFC transfers properties after clients have paid off their houses.
He also investigates and deals with problems of encroachment on HFC properties.

Home Savings Scheme
The new scheme requires any Seychellois who would like to be assisted with social housing from Government or housing loan from HFC to contribute even before he or she is assisted. 
The scheme is designed in such a way that applicants will be given a chance to play a more active role in the housing assistance process rather than a passive role as it has been the case over the last three decades
Applicants would need to have contributed at least 10 percent of the cost of the house or the loan amount before being assisted.
It would allow the Government through HFC to collect and re-invest funds in house construction or loans.

Community Relations
We promote acceptable social behaviors and denounce negative practices and on Government Housing estates.  Most common anti-social behaviors are:- persistent loud music, abuse of illicit drugs, animals, illegal garages.
Since last year HFC has been putting much emphasis on public education to stress the importance of community ownership to maintain pleasant and harmonious neighborhoods on its housing estates.
Nowadays HFC has better working relationships with key agencies and NGOs such as CARE, Ministry of Social Affairs, Police etc. and they are assisting HFC in its educational campaign.

HFC provide many services to the public sector and government alike, we branch out from allocate of eligible applicants to investigating and deal with problems of encroachment on HFC properties
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